Traveling to Intag Colibrí Reserve Cabins

Traveling to Intag Colibrí Cabins lodge / Intag Cloud Forest Reserve

You can take a bus or drive to Otavalo.  Intag Colibri Cabins – Lodge is located one and a half hours from Otavalo, the following are our transportation options:

1. If you have your own car: Take the road to Lago Cuicocha. Instead of going through the gates into the park, take the road to the left and continue another hour-and-a-half, approximately 25 km.  El Refugio is at the bottom of a valley. When you come to a yellow church set in a schoolyard, you’ve reached Sta. Rosa. Take the road to the left of the school and drive to the bridge. Ask for Sra. Sandra

2. Public Transport Transportes Otavalo has three buses coming to Intag every day, at 7:30 am, 10 am. and 2 pm. You should buy your ticket ahead of time. At the office in the terminal, ask for a ticket to Sta. Rosa de Pucara. If you tell us when you’re arriving, we can go out to meet you in Sta. Rosa de Pucara. Santa Rosa is where a yellow church set in a schoolyard. Walk down the road to the left of the school for 30 minutes to the bridge.  From the bridge continue on the main trail for fifteen minutes till you come to a Y in the trail. Take the trail to the right. After a couple minutes walking you will come to a wooden house and you are there.

Google Maps directions from Otavalo.