Intag Colibri Cabins

Birding and Hiking in Intag, Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador

Hike, bird, and explore the Intag Cloud Forest

One and half hour drive from Otavalo by way of Lake Cuicocha.


Intag Colibrí – Cabins

Hike and explore the Intag Cloud Forest, Imbabura, Ecuador.  Intag Colibrí Cabins are located in the  Intag Cloud Forest Reserve in the Intag Valley, Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador. Drive via Cuicocha one-and-a-half hours from Otavalo, past Laguna Cuicocha.  Enjoy EcuadorTourism with hiking and birding in the  Ecuador’s cloud forest of Intag. Birding at elevation 1900 meters includes the Cock-of-the-Rock, Toucan Barbet and White-faced nun bird. See our bird list.  Tour the villages of Apuela, visit the thermal baths of Nangulvi. Make a reservation  today.  Home-style restaurant is onsite.


After a day of exploring and hiking in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest enjoy staying in the three bedroom cabin with two private bathrooms with tile-lined  24 hour hot water showers. The cabins are 15 minute hike from the end of the road. We can help you bring in your luggage. This cabin is available on Airbnb Intag Cloud Forest Coffee Cabin.

The two cabins with balconies are also on the edge of the forest. They  each have a balcony and a large living space of 24 square meters. These cabins are also available on Airbnb. Intag Colibri Lodge with balcony. 

The spacious screened in dining room and kitchen commands a view of the cloud forest.

  It is located on a small organic coffee farm on the edge of the privately owned 350-acre Intag Cloud Forest Reserve via Cuicocha Apuela.    Perfect for hikers and bird watchers. Visitors can pick fresh vegetables from the farm, explore the reserve, bathe in a waterfall, and see a dazzling array of orchids. Homestyle restaurant is on site.   15-minute walk from the end of the off road.






Intag Colibrí Bed and Breakfast, Otavalo, Ecuador

Hike, bird and explore the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve/ Intag Colibri Bnb

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